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Want to shop like a fox, and not like a jackal? Then choose local and go to Shopfox and support them. There is no pressure to buy everything local - who can literally do that and survive - but every little bit helps. And speaking of, my little bit will be helping them...

Megara Events | Weddings, and more

The Megara site will tell you that they love "creating inspired events around your most special celebrations and corporate occasions" and it's my job to give them an SEO once-over and ensure they are aware of the their industry's online presence, and how they can fit...

Yachting and training industry client just in

My latest client sits within the training and education space, and I'd like to introduce you to: "Get Onboard" - who teach a variety of courses to help you get work on superyachts. As someone who "worked a season" on the yachts way, way back in my youth, this is super...

Pipe App SAAS Solution | Plumbing Industry Disruptor

A new SAAS offering for the plumbing industry named 'Pipe App' recently launched in South Africa, and they've asked me to help with their SEO and Google Ads.

I write down each and every one of my clients for a few reasons. One, I can keep a record of who I have worked for, when the work began, and later on: how it all unfolded, with hopefully a good story of some successes. Two, so potential new clients can see if I’ve ever done any work, and for whom, so they can see if the work I do is something that appeals to them. Three, it’s a fun way to promote each client – as I link to them, and introduce any blog readers to their business; who knows, perhaps when reading about one of the services they will want to use them or at least, learn a bit more about the industry.